ChouChou Keel-Smith ChouChou Keel-Smith, Atelier de Coiffure
“I can’t see myself working in a salon again. I love the suite life! The ability to actually own your business is big. Choosing my hours, product lines, services, clientele is also fabulous. I feel very secure at My Salon Suite. No one comes in unless they are supposed to be there. The common areas and restrooms are clean and very cool. Last but not least…..the owner has been the best. Very supportive, responsive and kind. I love being a stylist with a suite at My Salon Suite….and my clients love it too!”

Kimberly Gould, Mister 512
“I really love being at My Salon Suites. It was the best career choice I could have made. It was time for the next step and having a suite worked perfectly. You get all the perks of having your own business without the overhead of a store front. After having my suite for over two years now, I couldn’t imagine leaving. “

Alana Tokarski Alana Tokarski, Beau Geste
“My clients and I have, and still, truly enjoy the environment and location of running my salon business out of My Salon Suite. Keith, the owner, is always so friendly, accommodating, and helpful. The vibe is super welcoming in addition, the entity is always tidy. I would highly recommend this space for working a salon business to any professional.

Sharon Overstreet, Dragonfly Salon
“I have been self-employed for over 20 years, and am a former salon owner, and can honestly say that My Salon Suite is my favorite place I’ve ever worked. Everyone has their own space and gets along really well. The owner is wonderful and takes care of everything, so you can be independent and have your own business, without all the hassle and worry.”

Crystal Shanley Crystal Shanley, BOHO Austin
“I love my Suite 205 in the Westgate My Salon Suite. I’ve been here for a year now and have watched my business grow along with my independence and freedom. Keith has been a wonderful person to work with. He has helped in times of need and left me to be a true independent small business owner the rest of the time. Being here has changed the course of our family for the better.”

Billie Jo Wilson, Hubert’s Hair Salon
“I’ve only been at my Salon Suite since October 2016 but I absolutely love it. The other tenants are wonderful and Keith is a fantastic manager. I had my own building since 1990 and all the stresses and burdens of that responsibility is no longer. It’s great to have a manager like Keith that responds and takes care of his business the way he does. I feel like I can just focus on my business and clients without that burden. It’s been great.”